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LRR-managed homes are outperforming the market standards. Read these customer testimonials from homeowners in our program.

“I could not be more satisfied.”

I live in Pennsylvania and purchased a 6-bedroom Vacation Home at the Encore Resort in 2020. After comparing communities, I felt Encore was the best maintained and most appealing in the Disney Orlando area. In choosing a property manager the two most important considerations for me were (1) Maintaining a high quality of the home’s interior and furnishings and (2) Their ability to provide a high occupancy rate.

LRR’s Owner Ambassador team has been very available and accessible by phone, email, and have even visited me during my stays at the home. The home has been kept clean and well maintained. The LRR Maintenance team has been very timely, and they have done just about anything and everything needed at the home from repairing furniture to adding water to the pool. LRR also has an effective global marketing program that has maintained a strong occupancy rate. Their fees associated with the home are fair and match or in many cases are lower than competing property management firms.

After 2 years with LRR I could not be more satisfied.

Glenn Wilkins
Encore Resort Homeowner

“Our partnership experience with LRR couldn’t be better.”

We bought our property May 1, 2021, with COVID still running rampant. LRR was the property manager. We thought at first we would either just keep our new property as a second home for vacations and manage the property ourselves long distance, or shop the management of our property to all approved Encore managers. Before we made our final decision, we did our homework, which included meetings with two of the LRR Ambassadors, Felipe and Xavier. That experience plus our due diligence solidified our views that we would be best served by staying with LRR.

Now, one year and a half later, we know that was the best decision we could have made for our property. We are meticulous property owners in that we stay on top of social media involving Encore, we visit our property during the year, we keep careful accounting records and we stay in contact with our Owner Ambassadors. We do take pride in keeping our property in tip top shape. There will be issues that need special attention but we stay on top of this with our Owner Ambassadors and when needed, we take key roles in certain repairs and improvements.

Our partnership with LRR has been a great experience, but as in all partnerships whether business or personal, both sides need to work together to attain the best results. We do our part and the LRR Owner Ambassadors do their part. For us, our partnership experience with LRR Owner Ambassadors couldn’t be better.

Camandrea Florida Properties, LLC
Cameron Boyer, Andrea Boyer, & Al Boyer, Owners

“I feel complete confidence that my property is in great hands with LRR managing it.”

Thanks Luxury Residential Resorts “LRR” for taking such good care of my property, all you do is much appreciated. I feel complete confidence that my property is in great hands with LRR managing it. I have no hesitation in recommending their services. My cottage at Margaritaville Resort Orlando has been under their management since 2019. They handle the short term rentals and the maintenance of the cottage. One would assume that, with renters changing every few days in the property, that we would notice wear, but the cottage still looks new and I smile every time I return to my “Happy Place.”

Kim Fare
Margaritaville Resort Orlando Cottage Owner

“Our experience with LRR’s team and service is wonderful.”

We’ve been working with Luxury Residential Resorts for a little over two years now. They manage our property at the Margaritaville Resort Orlando. Our experience with LRR’s team and service is wonderful, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of being long distance vacation/rental homeowners with peace of mind. We are fortunate to work with an extremely attentive and professional Owner Ambassador who consistently does a fantastic job overseeing our property for rental guests, routine maintenance, and our owner stays. We appreciate the relationship we have with the LRR team and the management services they provide for our property!

Anna & Joe
Margaritaville Resort Orlando Property Owner

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